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Supersadist Domina Charlize still was not satisfied and wants to inflict more pain and more punishment. She saw that on one slave his rear was not marked enough yet so he was ordered to get over the punishment bench. Charlize uses a very painful cat o nine tail first dishing out superhart strokes on the rear of the slave. She whips him so hard that everyone really can see her sadism here in this clip. The rear gets redder and redder uses next a red leather flogger. Its a lil bit smaller, but its also very painful, cuz the straps are made of firm leather and lso spits on his burning shoulders from time to time or running her ultra long sharp claws over his skin. “40 strokes now slave” she announces starting with the red whip bringing it down as hard as she can smiling all the time. “I am getting in a really good mood now you idiot” she says while continuing with the merciless whipping in the end she uses both whips, dishing out one stroke with one, then with the other whip and… planned 40 strokes turned our to LOTS MORE!!!



A Stonehard Whipping.
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Mistress Madita+Mistress Cloe.
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Empress_Victoria-double-puncell Empress_Victoria-stiletto-worship