CLICK – Ashley Lane wails and tries to escape FULL HD Video!

Ashley Lane hands up over her head, and her legs are spread apart, held by a rope on her wrists and ankles. London does not need any Ashley clothes to cut or tear, she only needs to use her body and scold him in any way she likes.
London begins to warm Ashley a little from slapping, flogging and teasing, but she decides to make things more interesting by exposing Ashley to some sharp whipping and forced orgasms. London decides that Ashley takes too well one tail, so she pushes her to the box and ties her feet. She continues to beat Ashley more before bringing a pair of canes. She starts with a thin cane on Ashley’s ass and hips and moves on to something bigger. Ashley yells and tries to escape, but London waits patiently for her to back off before another hard blow lands. After all, Ashley is not going anywhere, and London has a whole day to play with her.
Finally London puts Ashley face down, ass up. She did not hurt Ashley to be happy, so she reveals what she knows will make her scream. She puts an innocent looking cream on Ashley’s thirsty ass and clit, and almost immediately Ashley starts screaming in pain. This cream has something special. Capsaicin. It seems that the fire is again held. The most delicate pieces of Ashley and the only remedy for the terrible pain is a humiliating milky enema.

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