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Summer day, your Mistress relaxes in a sunlounger and you, slave, may kneel very close to her. Like the slave in this clip who is allowed to be close to his owner Lady Mephista who wears such a short dress that the slave nearly can see her complete legs. And Mephista’s legs are endless.
Of course, this slave’s dick shows immediate reaction and Mephista notice that with a smile. It’s part of her mean game. She lights up a cigarette and starts abusing the slave’s body as her ashtray, including his dick of course. The more the slave screams in pain, the more fun Mephista has.
As she has finnished her cigarette she says with a cruel laught that she need another one and she lights up the next cigarette. This cigarette is not really for smoking, it’s just to make him suffer and to have even more fun with his pain. look!



Cigarette Pain with Lady Mephista
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