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English Mansion!

Mrs. Courtney is preparing her special girl, Sophie, in the majestic gardens of the Mansion. She orders her graceful hairpins to be licked and worshiped, teasing Sophie’s cross so that she does not focus before she puts on the lady’s knee and gives a good spanking and rowing. The obedient girl then leads to a special box for the slavery of Courtney, who must be locked in position, vulnerable and open to her submission, as the scales are suspended from her tight balls. The electronic device is then used to send punches through Sophie’s hard member, resulting in a premum flowing continuously, a dizzying mixture of pain and pleasure. Finally, Mistress rewards good service by using a vibrator to release her full load of diploma, as the levels of the electric box are increased. A great day of training.


Non_Stop_CBT A_Naval_Thrashing


Mummified_Machine_Milking /Wheel_Of_Pain_And_Pleasure

Squeal_Piggy_Squeal Relentless Ruined Edging