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The beautiful Goddess Serena today trains her human puppy, she turned him from a once useless slave into an obedient beast. He was seen walking on two legs, so the Mistress hobbled him with a chain to make straight walking very painful, intensifying his desire to remain on all fours, and then crippling punishment. The next step is inserting a large rubber tail, first stretching it with a dildo, and then feeding it with canine food and water. Finally, the Goddess binds his legs and arms to give him the ideal form of slavery, enjoying his gaze as he runs around the training ground before being locked in his big cage for the night.



English Mansion!





Non_Stop_CBT A_Naval_Thrashing


Mummified_Machine_Milking /Wheel_Of_Pain_And_Pleasure

Squeal_Piggy_Squeal Relentless Ruined Edging