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Akella looks gorgeous as usual with a red top, leather trousers, high heel boots and gloves. On the bed in front of the slaves eyes are her collection of instruments of punishment, pain and correction. The punishment starts soon as she picks up a flexible elegant black riding crop. It makes a sharp noise as she performs some test strokes. but this is just the beginning. She goes on with a more thicker and more painful punishment stick that looks a lil bit like a short sjambok as she rains down the strokes on the bound slave he is really in pure agony. He moans out loud and tries to escape the strokes, but akella shows no mercy. She goes on with another rubber cane, this time a red one. In the end she goes back through the collection and the slave has to count the merciless strokes, while his ass gets more and more damaged. Akella simply loved to make the slave suffering with these rubber canes!



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