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Mistress Ginary is in the mood for fun, which in her case means inflicting some serious pain on a helpless bitch! Ginary spits in his face as she tells him that she is going to severely punish his ass for her pleasure, then proceeds to do just that, heartlessly caning his ass again and again. She even makes him stand on his hands and take even more cane strokes while upside down! Only when her sadism is satisfied does she allow him to crawl away on the hard ground as she warns him that even more punishment is yet to come.
After heartlessly caning her slave, Mistress Ginary provides him with a meal fit for a slave – her cigarette ashes and spit! Ginary enjoys making her slave thank her as she humiliates him, his face dripping with spit and covered in ash.


Heartless Caning-Human Ashtray by Mistress Ginary.
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Goddess Vanessa sadistic mood Painful Milking Day.
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Jean Bardot Ball Bustsing
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