Jamie Valentine And Paris Knight all Day With The Slave-FULL VIDEO!

“The Guardesses Paris and Jamie caught this man spying on them, he was hiding on the side of the compass when the slave saw and informed the masters about it. Paris threw out the block in which he stood, so that the spy would hang helplessly. Jaime and Paris begin to question him, using their whips to get him to talk. Soon they will break it. In Edged and Force-Milked Paris and Jamie, a captive spy is held back. He still will not talk, so they decided to clear the head a little more, pushing out of it all the human dirt that clouded his brain. Paris uses a milking device, and he has it in an environment that CONTINUES him enough to drive him crazy. She wants to make sure that he has the Chance to collect all this dirt in his eggs, ready to be expelled later. Jamie taunts him and dominates him with his own hands and sharp words. In any case, the two guards burn it together, smearing his face with dirt. With him did not end. Do not need any information from their spy, because they have already been informed about everything they need to know. They decide because of the size of their penis, they will keep it around and use it for sex. He must deliver them. Paris decides that she needs a trip, and checks a member of her new slave. He must make his diploma, or Jamie, most likely, will take his eggs. Guardesses Paris and Jamie return to the dungeon with their new favorite person to train him to be a strap on a bitch. He should suck his cocks well and lubricate them with his deep scythe, because that’s the only lubrication these sadistic women are going to offer him! After they are satisfied with his sucking, he bent over and forced to take a huge female member of Paris, while Jamie taunts him and pushes her huge black cock in her mouth, both girls laugh at their predicament, knowing that he should feel so Impotent, as he Filled them with powerful cocks from both ends. ”

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