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This slave has made a very serious and stupid mistake. Two of the most beautiful and brutal Mistresses in the world are waiting for this late, pathetic slave. Goddess Tangent and Mistress Jewell Marceau are not going to take this transgression lightly! Finally, the slave crawls into the room and kneels trembling before the latex clad Goddesses. Jewell and Tangent explain to the lowly slave that he is about to be whipped without mercy. He has no choice but to take everything his Owners dish out. They tell him that not only will he take as much suffering as the two Goddesses choose but he will not say a word or complain. They tell the bitch that he is about to become their pain slut for the day. He agrees with the Mistresses and tells them that he will gladly take their pain. Tangent and Jewell both laugh knowing that this slave has no idea what he’s in for. The pain slut is commanded to stand on a platform and they bind his hands securely above him. Mistress Jewell begins to warm the slave’s back up with a single tail whip. This slut will learn the hard way never to be late again. The two Dominas mock, berate and laugh at the pathetic bitch, while Jewell continues with her whipping. The helpless slave cries out in pain but it’s in vain because he has agreed to take all of his punishment. This beating won’t stop until the Ladies are satisfied. Now it’s the beautiful but cruel Goddess Tangent’s turn. She ramps up the brutal beating even more. Laughing and smiling as she lashes and shreds the slave’s back. The slut is in so much agony that he begs and pleads for mercy. You will have to watch to find out if he is given a break or if they just break all the skin from his back.


Jewell Marceau and Goddess Tangent Whip slave For Tardiness
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Jean Bardot Ball Bustsing
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Brianna_ParisKnight_Chindo Brianna_ParisKnight_StraponPOV


Evelin stone Kenzie reeves caning Jamie Valentine Stockings POV


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