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Mistress Kiana has her slave in a mask strapped down on a wheel and stripped naked. She pinches his nipples and teases him before squeezing his cock and balls. She pulls down on his testicles until he squeals. She continues to tease and torment him while transitioning to use her foot to crush his cock and balls. She begins to lightly kick his balls which causes excited grunts and moans to escape his mouth. She even uses his penis to help pull herself back up. Its at this point she begins to utilize breath play with her sub causing him to breath heavily. Theres more nipple play and ball tugging which elicits great moaning from the slave. At six and a half minutes she rotates the slave upside down for some pussy sniffing while squeezing his balls. She caps in off by smothering him while upside down.


Kiana’s Slave At The Cross.






Muscle Mistress Kiana

Collared Taken And Broken

You Are My Cuckold Confess To Tiffany