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After teasing and denying the slave until he couldn’t take it anymore the Ladies decide that their bitch needs a good milking. They have their slave bound with his cock and balls locked tightly in a stockade. This bitch is at the mercy of Kitty and Valora now. There is no way to escape! Mistress Kitty uses her latex gloved hand to slowly stroke the slaves hard cock while Goddess Valora taunts and laughs at the helpless slut. Kitty edges the slut slave slowly and methodically. After she decides that the slut has been tortured enough she strokes him hard and fast allowing his cum to explode all over their latex gloves. Of course, they humiliate their bitch completely by rubbing all of his filth all over his face and in his mouth. Maybe next time he won’t take so long to cum for his Mistresses.


Miss Roper’s Dungeon Slave: Strap On Fucked
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Goddess Valoras Worshipping High Heels
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Brianna_ParisKnight_Chindo Brianna_ParisKnight_StraponPOV


Evelin stone Kenzie reeves caning Jamie Valentine Stockings POV


Jean Bardot Ball Bustsing
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