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The hot lady next door, Madeline, left a note on her young neighbours door asking him to pop over and help her with some errands, the naïve boy not realising what she has in store for him. She calls him out on his perving every time she is in the garden and hanging her lingerie, she has him totally figured out as a pervert for feet. She wastes no time in taking control, teasing and demanding he licks her patent leather stiletto shoes, before making him feel her sexy nylons, he is in heaven as she allows him to worship her sexy feet. He is like putty in her expert hands and he is in a dream World of lust for his amazing neighbour.



Lady’s Foot Seduction


Pretty_Maid_Manor A_Naval_Thrashing


Collared Taken And Broken

You Are My Cuckold Confess To Tiffany