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Godddess Mistress Ezada looks absolutely stunning with a tight black rubber dress, stockings and on her adorable feet are some shiny black red classic high heel pumps. In front of her and of course on his knees is her slave. He is also on a leash of his owner, arms back behind. so from the beginning of this clip he is ordered to worship his goddess, getting the tip of the shoe deeply into his pathetic mouth. “Suck it like you would suck on a cock slave” ezada says and the slave obeys cuz he knows when he doesnt put the necessary effort into this task he will recieve a hars punishment later. He has also to lick the sole of the shoes and he has to lick every little speck of dirt off. Next Ezada puts both shoes on the ground and the slave has to lick both tips. Ezada is very happy with the situation cuz as beeing a real female sadist she loves it to watch a male creature in this situation! Classic femdom !



Lick My Pumps Clean.
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Mistress Ezada in Black Latex.
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Empress_Victoria-double-puncell Empress_Victoria-stiletto-worship