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Domina Charlize awaits her slaves in the smoking room, dressed in a hot catsuit and wearing personal superplateau boots with a big silver plateau soles. As she told us she really loves to wear plateaus like this and we have to admint that she looks superstunning with those heels.
She orders her house slaves to crawl over to her. They are ordered to hold her boots, while she relaxes and then the slaves are ordered to lick the boots and to worship their goddess. They have to perform perfect, if not, they will recieve of course a hard punishment later.
Domina Charlize is then on her smartphone speaking to a girlfriend and amuse herself a lot.
Then the slaves are ordered on all fours, down to the ground and they have to lick harder. Also they have to lie down on their backs and take the huge heels of these shoes deeply into their throats!
Domina Charlize is not only looking superhot, her voice is soft and her instructions are slow. This speaking is in perfect contrast to her definate dominant look!



Real Germany Slaves & Real SADO LADIES
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