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Miss Roper has her slave in the dungeon on his knees. After dishing out some corporal punishment with her whip and cane, she now decides it’s time to tease her slave with her perfect body. Her slave’s cock is already rock hard. Miss Roper wants to keep his cock hard so she teases him by unzipping her latex body suit revealing her gorgeous breasts. She then sticks her round bubble butt right in his pathetic face to further his torment. Poor guy is so close but is not allowed to touch her perfect body. Miss Roper spreads her legs and forces her bitch to watch as she pulls her latex to the side and begins to rub her pussy in front of him. You can tell how badly this slave wants his Goddess. He would love to fuck her with his now completely rock-hard cock but Miss Roper informs her bitch that he will be fucking her pussy, but not with his cock. Miss Roper shows him the dildo gag and tells him that he will be rewarded now by being allowed to please her by fucking her with a chindo. The cock gag is attached to the bitch’s face and he pleases his Goddess by giving her an orgasm with the chindo. Miss Roper lays back and moans in delight as the dildo goes in and out of her wet pussy. After cumming, Miss Roper gets up abruptly and slaps her slave’s face, telling him that he has served his purpose with this dick on his face. She is laughing with a devilish grin, I think Miss Roper has more in store for this bitch!


Miss Roper’s Dungeon Slave: Dildo Gagged.
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