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Miss Velour has her slave in a rebreathe hood, in bondage on the St Andrew’s cross. She taunts and teases him with the electrified Wartenburg wheels, loving his squeals at her expert touch. His cock is leaking precum so she decides to bring in another slave to clean it up, supervising the bi cocksucker as she encourages him to do a thorough job with his tongue and mouth, keeping the other slave on the edge of orgasm. Miss Velour then attaches pegs to his cock and balls, leaving him in a mix of pleasure and pain until she is ready for him again.


Miss Velour Trick And Treat
Full Video-English Mansion!




Pretty_Maid_Manor A_Naval_Thrashing


Peeping In The Locker Room /Sperm Extraction Clinic

Squeal_Piggy_Squeal Relentless Ruined Edging