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The beautiful and cruel Miss Vivienne Hardy is training her tgirl charge Summer, making her a better, more feminine and improved version. She examines her outfit and nails, taking note of any imperfections so that she can punish Summer. It doesn’t take long before she is over he knee, Vivienne giving a long, stinging spanking, as a reminder of her sub’s place, the leather slipper reinforcing her total dominance. Mistress decides to put her in some bondage, the serving gag, spreader bars and tight nipple clamps making her chastity device strain. The training has gone so well, that Vivienne decides to release the straining dick and edge it over and over until she allows it to empty, maybe for the last time ever.


Miss Vivienne Hardy-Room For Improvement.

Pretty_Maid_Manor A_Naval_Thrashing


Chastity_Release_Day Taken And Broken

You Are My Cuckold The_Chastity_Clinic