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Mistress Dahlia Rain now has her pony slave bound to one of the whipping posts outside. Dahlia has been waiting for this all day! Her slave dances from the strokes that Mistress Dahlia administers to him. He can cry, dance, beg and plead all that he wants. But he can’t escape and no one will save him out here! Mistress Dahlia sadistically and mercilessly continues the slave’s beating. Mistress Dahlia takes a break to admire the red striped artwork that she created on her slaves back. She is delighted with the welts that are on her canvas, she rubs her hands down his back feeling the texture. After Dahlia is done with her punishment she walks over to her bitch and pinches his nipples, making him scream. She tells her bitch that he has had enough of her whip for the day. Mistress Dahlia decides that she isn’t done with her pony yet and orders him to pull her in the pony cart back to the dungeon!


Mistress Dahlia Whips Her Pony Bitch
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Electro shock and Thigh High Boots
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Brianna_ParisKnight_Chindo Brianna_ParisKnight_StraponPOV


Evelin stone Kenzie reeves caning Jamie Valentine Stockings POV


Jean Bardot Ball Bustsing
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