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Mistresses Michelle and Lydia continue their training of slave 47, locking him in a cage with a dog shock collar around his balls. They test it a few times to make sure it is working, then put him to work worshipping their boots. If he doesn’t do a good enough job, they push the button and shock his balls. Of course, they also do it just for their amusement.
Mistresses Michelle and Lydia continue the training of slave 47 by punishing his cock and balls in an even more devious way. They remove his chastity device, allowing him to finally get an erection after an extended time of being locked up. But the Mistresses soon correct this infraction by sticking a urethral sound down his penis! The sound causes any stimulation of his cock to be painful, and of course the Mistresses take advantage of his predicament. They rub and stroke his cock, making him more and more erect, but the sound prevents him from having an orgasm! Once they have him aroused to the breaking point, they remove the sound, leaving him helplessly bound and horny, with no way to relieve the pressure in his blue balls.


Mistresses Michelle and Lydia The Training of Slave.
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Goddess Vanessa sadistic mood Painful Milking Day.
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