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Miss Roper’s slave has just been punished for not wearing a hood to cover his ugly face, in her presence. He now has his hood on and is in proper position kneeling in front of his Goddess. The problem is that he took too long! Miss Roper specifically told her slut that he only had ten seconds to put on his hood or she would punish him even harder than before. This slave is a real slut that loves to have his ass fucked. He cannot stop staring at the huge strap on cock that Miss Roper is wearing. She planned on rewarding her slave for his hard work by giving him a good hard ass fucking. But now her slut is going to have to wait for his cock. Miss Roper bends her slave over the bondage table with his slutty ass sticking out for his punishment. She has a small wooden paddle and she makes her slave count out as she smacks his ass extremely hard with it. Eventually the pain is so unbearable that the slave stops counting. All he can manage to do is cry out in pain. The beating continues as Miss Roper spits all over his bruised ass. She teases her slave by telling him how she is going to fuck his ass with her strap on later. You can see how much it pleases her to make her slave suffer. Miss Roper decides that her bitch isn’t suffering enough and drops the small paddle. She returns with a huge paddle that is more like an oar. She holds it with both hands and swings without mercy. Her slave will never forget to wear his hood again!


Paddled by Miss Roper For Disobedience.
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Goddess Valoras Worshipping High Heels
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Jean Bardot Ball Bustsing
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