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Whipping Sado-ladies


Adorable blonde lady Mistress Akella is dressed in red leather in the dungeon today sitting on her throne.
Her slave is on his knees on all fours where all slaves belong to in front of a goddess. she orders her slave to lighten up a cigarette. next he has to stand up and we see that he has a hard on. But is he allowed to have? “you have big balls slave…should i make them smaller?” and with that she puts her cigarette to the balls. the slave is shaking, but akella doenst care. she think its funny to burn is balls even more with the cigarette.Of course he is also misused as her personal human ashtray and she burns also his errected nipples. In the end she puts her cigarette out in the mouth of her slave!

Real Germany Slaves & Real SADO LADIES
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