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This video is from from our archives, shot at the way back in 2003 with an old video camera. Our Japanese friend Rika was new to both the United States and the kink scene, so attending the San Francisco Folsom Street Fair in her leather body harness with submissive on a leash was a big stretch for her. I guess it was a stretch for her puppy too! There were more interesting things to see at the fair back then. Nowadays there are too many lookers at the Folsom Fair and not enough scene people strutting their stuff. In any case, I bet there are a lot of guys today who would like to be the puppy on Rika’s leash? Rika was looking pretty hot back then! The first part of this video was shot in the back room of the Mr S store which is located only one block from the fair, so we used the store as our staging area. You can read more about Rika on in her personal article titled Mayumi In Her Wonderland.