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Goddess Valora is in the mood to punish her slave today. She expects her slaves to behave properly and to follow her protocols at all times. Goddess Valora tells her bitch to get in to position and present his ass for caning. She is a very strict Mistress that demands respect. But as she canes her slave’s ass she can’t help but to laugh and smile. Her smile turns to anger when her slave does not keep his ass out in the proper position though. After warming up her slave’s backside with her cane strokes, Goddess Valora rewards him by spitting in his mouth. She then puts him into bondage with his hands secured above him, standing on the punishment platform. She wouldn’t want her slave trying to get away from her vicious beating! Her slave cries and begs for mercy but the caning continues. Finally, Goddess Valora is satisfied with his punishment and checks out all the red stripes and bruises on her slave’s ass and legs. “That’s what happens when slaves don’t stay in position and move too much!”, Goddess Valora tells the bitch. She then tells him that she has more planned for today. He might even get fucked. Just not in the conventional way!


Sounding and Caning from Goddess Valora
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Goddess Valoras Worshipping High Heels
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Brianna_ParisKnight_Chindo Brianna_ParisKnight_StraponPOV


Evelin stone Kenzie reeves caning Jamie Valentine Stockings POV


Jean Bardot Ball Bustsing
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