Under Her Sharp Heels

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Stunning lady boss Lola calls the new office junior into her office for a disciplinary incident. It has been reported that some stockings have been taken form the locker room and someone saw him with them, caught red handed. He is embarrassed and ashamed but then surprised at the approach his boss takes. She explains she also has a fetish for nylons so will give him another chance if he follows her regime, placing the stockings over his face, making him smell the strong scent and then ripping his work shirt off. She sits on his face, slapping his already hard cock before trampling his body with her sharp heels, over and over, his whimpers of discomfort at odds to his rock hard dick. She then rubs her nylon clad feet over his cock, edging him closer and closer until he can’t control himself and shoots a big load of cum over her stocking clad feet.

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