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Vanessa Cage has her slave bent over, hands restrained over the horse…At her complete MERCY! She asks him if he wants to be caned, and not being able to resist his blonde haired Goddess, he easily succumbs to her desires, all of which are encompassed by one evil idea, his suffering!! Vanessa Cage is giggling as you hear the cane slicing through the air, chuckling at his predicament. The slave tries to squiggle and squirm in a feeble and futile attempt at escaping the vicious sting of the Cane. He is at her mercy, captivated by her beauty, her power, and her patent leather thigh high boots. After his beat down, he is reminded that he is nothing more than owned property, there for his Goddess’ pleasure and amusement, as she chuckles and promises to repeat his caning after her lunch.


Vanessa Cage Caning
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Goddess Vanessa sadistic mood Painful Milking Day
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Brianna_ParisKnight_Chindo Brianna_ParisKnight_StraponPOV


Evelin stone Kenzie reeves caning Jamie Valentine Stockings POV


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