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Goddess Empress Victoria orders one of her personal slave to crawl over to her and kneel in front of her. The slave is nicely masked with a rubber mask and when he kneels in front of his goddess his masked face is a pretty good target for some slaps with her leather gloved hands. He has to count the slaps before she uses her high heel stilettos on him and one heel is placed into his leg and sinks into the flesh, the other heel is placed in front of his face and he has to worship the goddess and clean the dirt off the sole of her shoes. To make it more comfortable for his mistress he has to hold the shoe in his hand. Next he has to blow the heel of the mistress shoe and of course the mistress has two shoes that have to be cleaned until they are totally spotless. And whenever he gets slower or do some mistakes he gets some more slaps from her or she diggs the very sharp heel of her stilettos deeper into his flesh.



Worship My Stilettos Slave.
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Worship My Stilettos Slave  

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